About Me.

That bored huh? :) I’m Irish born and after spending many years on the USA have returned home, yes I missed the rain (never thought I would say that). My love for audio really started with my first computer, the 8- bit Commodore 64 at around age 12 (me not the computer). A stunning machine for it’s day that still influences many composers I know and has an active and excellent remix community. I started composing on it, very badly but it cemented my love to create. From there to the Amiga and then onto the PC where currently I primarily work with Cakewalk ‘Sonar’. My wife is a screenwriter/author and some of my best work has been for her projects, she is an amazing inspiration. A number of the works published here are either directly from her productions or inspired by the works I have read. She is far more talented than I. While I am an extreme music lover if I’m being perfectly honest I’m really just a weekend-warrior when it comes to composition. I love creating but I don’t have the time to work at it as much as I would like. Consequently updates to this site and new work can come in flurries or be months apart. At least that’s my excuse...(see how I didn’t mention Quality in there, smooth eh?) ‘Ahriakin’ is the name I publish under, I’d love to say it had a deep hidden meaning but really I just made up something unique that I liked the sound of.
Contact: Derek Coleman ahriakin@whisperbetweenworlds.com
All audio, and the ‘Stone Halo’ logo on this site are copyright Derek Coleman 2014.
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