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Miscellaneous Electronic (Trance, Techno, Electronica etc.)

Blue Octane (Techno - 2012)
Clarion (Techno - 2004)
Cloudborne (Trance - 2014) 
Cyber Dreams (Soundtrack - 2002)
Gryphon (Electronica - 2003)
Haliak (Techno - 2004)
Indigo Tide (Techno - 2005)
McBullet (Techno - 2005)
Prophet 9 (Techno - 2000)
Saturday 3am (Chillout - 2004)
Silver Intentions (Electronica - 2003)
Soft Adrenaline (Techno - 2001)
Steel Dragon (Electronica - 2004)
The Drift (Electronica - 2014)
Black Dawn (Techno - 2012)
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I’ve decided to use this as an archive for all of my completed pieces....the good AND the bad. This is my entire repertoire (excl. legacy C64 and Amiga originals) and some are little more than learning experiences and sketches. I’ve included the release dates as a rough guide, I did get a ‘little’ better over time....See the ‘Audio Formats’ tab to find the right file-type for you.